Data Breaches Can Ruin A Business

Today, a single data breach can cost even small businesses millions of dollars to clean up.  Can your company afford that?  Your stored data is one of the most valuable assets at your company - and cyber-criminals know it.
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Are Your Web Apps Secure?  

Web apps were involved in 43% of data breaches, according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report. Web apps are increasingly vulnerable and targeted by cyber-criminals looking to steal data and ruin your reputation.



You Need Proactive Web App Security

Passive measures can help prevent web app data breaches, but they are only part of the security practice.  A smart business stays on top of its web apps, actively monitoring and testing for potential security holes which hackers might exploit.
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 Vulnerability Assessments Keep You Safe

A web application vulnerability assessment is a full analysis of your web apps and how they interact with other software.  Each app is tested thoroughly for flaws and security holes to ensure they're locked down before they go live.

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What Can a Web App Assessment Do for You?

Hummingbird Networks wants your web applications to be secure, and we'll work with you to ensure that becomes a reality.  Our web app vulnerability assessments give you the ability to view the organization as it would be seen by an attacker, analyze your apps, document problem areas, and deliver actionable recommendations for fixing the holes.

We don't wait until your applications are nearly finished, or have already gone live.  We can work with you during the process of developing your apps, to ensure they are locked down before they even go into live testing.

We Put Web Security Within Easy Reach

Hummingbird firmly believes that strong online security should be within reach of every business.  The threat of cyber-attacks is simply too large and widespread to allow smaller businesses to remain vulnerable.  With the total economic impact of cyber-crime projected to cost the world $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025, no one can afford to be unprotected.

So we make solid web app security affordable to everyone.

Why Choose Us?

With over fifteen years' experience, Hummingbird Networks is one of the most-trusted vendors of networking services in California.  We have worked with organizations all over the country, ranging from startups to universities, providing custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of each.  With our particular emphasis on strong security, we have helped hundreds of companies take their networks and online operations to the next level while still remaining safe from cyber-crime.

We Have A Long History Of Success

With Hummingbird Networks, you are getting a full and comprehensive analysis of your web applications.  Based on our long history working with network security, we test:

Weak Authentication:  Are your systems only letting the right people access it?  We test for typical vulnerabilities and hacks around authentication systems.
Cross Site Scripting: Expose security vulnerabilities where attackers can inject scripts to bypass access controls.
Data Sanitation:  A typical vector of attack is to slip malicious code into your databases.  We'll ensure your systems are sanitizing database entries to prevent such attacks.
Buffer Overflows:  One of the oldest attack types is to attempt to insert more data into a field than it is able to hold, causing errors which can be exploited.  We'll ensure that doesn't happen.
SQL Injection:  Learn about identity spoofs, existing data tampering, and data disclosure before your database server becomes compromised.
Regulatory Compliance:  We can ensure you're compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or other relevant security standards that require vulnerability assessments.
Prevent avoidable attacks, build trust with customers, and future-proof your business 

With Hummingbird Networks at your back, you can rest assured your web services will be as secure as possible ready to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  You can focus on managing your business.


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