Is Your Infrastructure Ready For Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)?  

Every day, more businesses are discovering the benefits of a Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) system, which enables voice, video, and data collaboration between workers and customers anywhere in the world.  UCC systems boost productivity, enable closer work between departments, and allow projects to incorporate all the talent within your organization, no matter where that talent may be located.

However, UCC requires a tightly-optimized network with the correct bandwidth, as well as unified data-collection systems.  All too often when a company is deploying UCC, infrastructure problems do not reveal themselves until implementation, when they are far more costly to solve- roughly 30x-50x more costly!  

A Hummingbird Networks voice and video readiness assessment can guide you during the planning phases, as well as during implementation, radically reducing your deployment and testing costs.

Hummingbird Can Guarantee Your Network Is UCC-Ready

Hummingbird Networks utilizes sophisticated network analysis tools to investigate your network layout, as well as bringing you technical architects

who can suggest actionable changes to your architecture.  Your final report will fully cover your readiness for UCC, including:

voice and video readiness assessment

  • Customizable traffic simulations to cover all aspects of voice, video, and data
  • Identify critical issues
  • A network and infrastructure diagram
  • A full report on your licensing status
  • Device list, including those nearing End-of-Life
  • Analysis of your critical interfaces and their capacities
  • A Bill of Materials for upgrades, if needed
  • Additional options for "full mesh" testing, deployment services, and training


Save Time And Money With Hummingbird UCC Readiness Assessments


Hummingbird Networks has a long track record of success, deploying networks in businesses of all sizes.  With us as your partner in a UCC rollout, you can help ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary costs, and an emphasis on minimizing time spent on rollout.