Copper Ethernet

Still the most common and popular networking cable type, standard Ethernet cabling like Cat 5e and Cat 6 can easily support even large office buildings, at speeds up to 10Gbps or potentially more.  Ethernet is inexpensive, effective, and capable of lasting for many years.

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For reliable high-speed data transmission, particularly over long distances, fiber optics cables are the way to go.  When you're wiring your building, Hummingbird can help you choose between the many types of fiber available for the one best suited to your needs.

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Do you need wiring for audio/visual equipment utilizing formats like RJ45 or HDMI? Not a problem!  Hummingbird will help you procure and implement the cabling requirements for your A/V setup, ensuring top-quality video and sound even at 4K resolutions and beyond. 

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Phone and Video Systems

A Unified Communications setup, running voice over IP (VoIP) and/or video collaboration, requires careful consideration of your network capabilities and the cabling types used.  We will craft a mix of cable and connection types ensuring your UC systems run smoothly even under peak loads. 

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Choosing The Right Copper Cabling Types

Ethernet cabling comes in several different types, depending on your needs. The most common types are Cat(egory) 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and one the latest- Cat 7. Each offers higher data throughputs, ranging from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps.  

Hummingbird Networks can carefully examine your business plans and building architecture, choosing the right cables for your needs - without overpaying for cable you don't need.

Untangling Your Fiber Optic Options

To the untrained, the options in fiber optic cabling can be boggling.  With dozens of slight variations in connector type and cable construction, it takes an expert to know which fiber lines will be right for your needs.  Fiber cable choices will vary greatly depending on desired speeds and transmission length.

Hummingbird Networks has that experience, and can guarantee a great fiber rollout.

Why Do The Hard Work Yourself?

Few aspects of network design and implementation are more difficult and tedious than laying the physical cabling.  It's hard, dirty, exhausting work that can take days or even weeks, depending on the building.  Why do it yourself?  Partner with Hummingbird Networks, and we'll take that load off your back, bringing you a great cable deployment without all the sweat.

We Have The Experience You Need

Hummingbird has over 15 years' experience designing and implementing networks for businesses large and small.  From startups to multi-site deployments to huge campuses, we can craft the perfect cabling layout for your operation.

With Hummingbird Networks, you get:

Expert assistance in designing your network.

Friendly, professional physical cable deployments.

Future-focused implementation intended to support your growing operation.

True reliability.  We stand by our installations with long-term support.

Access to every cabling and connector type you need.

Great deals on necessary accessories such as optical transceivers, wall plates, and patch panels - save hundreds of dollars off!

Before you begin your next cabling or network deployment, contact Hummingbird Networks and find out just how simple we can make the process!

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Which Cable is Right for You?

Ever wonder what the differences are between Ethernet cables? We break down the differences between Cat5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a Ethernet Cables.

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ethernet cable differences