Industry Wide IT Issues

Roughly 75% of all corporate networks have correctable problems with their infrastructure, efficiency, and optimization.

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Security Vulnerabilities

A non-optimized network infrastructure is more likely to have security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by malicious groups.

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Bandwidth Bottlenecks

Keeping your bandwidth as optimized as possible is a necessity, both to keep up with visitor demand and weather DDOS attacks

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Failures & Critical Log Events

Network or data failures can happen at any time - your backups and logs must be consistently reliable and ready to use whenever needed.

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Get An In-Depth Look At Your Network

Hummingbird can conduct full-scale network infrastructure analyses on your systems.  You'll get a complete report with an IT benchmark score, pinpointing correctable problem areas and delivering actionable fixes.  We can even run future-focused simulations, testing your systems against foreseeable growth and upgrades.

Hummingbird Brings Big Business Networking To Everyone

Hummingbird is dedicated to bringing networking best practices to organizations of all sizes, even small businesses and startups.  We strongly believe that every company should have a high-quality, tightly-optimized network which is protected against attacks while providing superior service to their workforce and customers.

A well-optimized network brings real benefits to every aspect of your operations, and we want to help make it happen. 

Your Network Is In Good Hands With Hummingbird Networks

Hummingbird will go over your network from top to bottom, creating a detailed report covering every substantial aspect of its performance.  This will include aspects such as a network hardware inventory (including end-of-life devices), a network topography diagram, a review of security vulnerabilities, virtualization opportunities, and any bandwidth bottlenecks.  For any problem areas, we'll include detailed suggestions on improving performance.

Who Needs A Network Infrastructure Survey?

If you're making a significant change to your business structure or network, a network infrastructure survey will help ensure it happens in an optimal fashion.  This could include:

Relocating your data center or consolidating your servers

Moving or reorganizing your data storage systems

Switching to Cloud-based data storage or Software-as-a-Service apps

Virtualization projects such as VMware deployments

Adding additional locations, offices, or teleworkers

Major strategic planning initiatives or realignments 

Get Detailed Insights Into Your Network

Based on this report, and any help we can offer in implementing it, your network can:

Become standardized and future-focused  

We'll ensure your network is set up to support easy scaling and addition of new hardware\software as the years go on.  We want you to have a network that's ready for the demands of tomorrow, not just today.

Optimize your IT budget

We'll remove inefficiency in your systems, reducing waste in your day-to-day operations.  This could then be used to trim your IT budget for reinvestment into core mission tasks, or folded back into IT for smarter future upgrades.

Maximize system reliability and security

Both your workforce and your buyers need and expect a stable, secure, and reliable network.  A network infrastructure assessment makes this an achievable goal, leading to greater productivity throughout your organization, as well as greater levels of trust from customers who rely on you for reliably secure services.

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