Know your network's in the right hands 

Our IT consulting services start with a conversation. We connect one on one with you to learn about your business and your technology needs. By the end of the call you'll feel as if you're talking to a friend- a friend who will increase operational efficiency and performance. 

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Build a better network infrastructure

Combining our industrial expertise along with our knowledge of your needs, we'll design a network that meets your challenges of today and scales with your company as you grow. Let's get you focusing on managing your business, not managing your network. 

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Let us put it all together for you 

After we've designed a dynamic IT infrastructure for your business, our experts can come to your location, install the equipment and ensure everything is configured for maximum performance. No matter the size of your network, we offer on-site and remote installation/configuration. 

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Let Us Create The Network Infrastructure You Need To Grow

Network consulting is about far more than tech trends and gadgets.  Today, a business network is one of the single most important of any operation, relied upon by your workforce as well as your customers.  A superior network does not simply meet your needs for today; it's designed to support your growth for years to come while providing consistently reliable service.

Our team of trusted IT advisors are here to resolve your challenges and
deliver an infrastructure to take your operations where you want them to go
Meet your next IT consultant: 

greg2019Greg W. 

Account Manager

Greg brings over 40 years in IT/networking experience. We like to refer to him as our own in house Siri because he almost always has an answer to every question. No really, try him out I bet he'll have an answer for you. 

melanie2019Melanie H.

Account Manager

Melanie has a diverse background with many years in electronics, IT, and networking. She is extremely knowledgeable in the best practices in IT as well as the best practices in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. 

josh2019Josh B.

Account Manager

Josh is extremely well-versed
in designing networks for small to medium businesses with equipment that is easy to configure and manage. He is a trusted advisor for network security as well as a trusted advisor on best places to eat.  

Your Success Is Our Business

We don't simply design and build networks here at Hummingbird Networks.  We give businesses the tools they need to keep growing years into the future.  If you feel your current network is holding you back from that success, contact Hummingbird today for a full future-focused consultation on your networking needs. 

Let's Get Started

We Have The Experience You Need And The Resources To Fit Your Budget

As one of California's leading networking sales, design, and installation specialists, we have years of experience crafting networks for operations of all sizes.  With our services you get:

  • Partners who are concerned with your own big picture plans, and how to make them a reality.
  • Genuine experts who understand networking on a deep level.
  • usage-focused approach, custom-building each network around its real world applications.
  • A vast supporting network of vendor partners, allowing us to pick and choose from the absolute best the industry has on offer.
  • Turnkey services.  If you want, we can handle the entire project from design to installation, without you lifting a finger.
  • Budget-mindfulness, with an understanding of how to blend newer and older technology to achieve a perfect balance of price vs power.
  • Help, should you need assistance in the future.



More than just equipment


Our experts will get to know your business needs and design a solution that will enable your company goals to take flight. Let's get started on building a network you will love.