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How To Recover From Trying To Find The Best Wireless Access Points

by John Ciarlone on September 13, 2013

If you're responsible for purchasing networking equipment for your business, you probably knowBest Wireless Access Point how time-consuming and exhausting it can be. The explosion of business networking equipment means that even trying to find the best wireless access points for your firm can become a lengthy process.

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However, the truth is, it doesn't have to be that complex, and you don't need to spend a week researching obscure technical matters. ADTRAN has come up with a wireless access solution that's truly plug-and-play, while offering universal coverage and security policies to everyone in your building.

It's called Bluesocket, and it's set to change how businesses set up their WiFi. Rather than spending your time researching technology, you can be using it instead!

Adtran BluesocketBluesocket Makes It Easy To Find The Best Wireless Access Points

Here's all it takes to integrate a Bluesocket wireless access point into your business's existing vWLAN network:

1 – Find a place to put it.

2 – Turn it on.

3 – Register it with the FREE server software on site or in the cloud.

That's it. Bluesocket access points can automatically detect the network environment, connect to it, and download all your connection and security policies. A new access point can be installed and running within a matter of a couple minutes, and then it's instantly available for use!

These wireless access points don't skimp on features, either. They feature top-grade 802.11ac Wave 2 and 802.11n wireless connections, currently the fastest on the market, and support a full range of security protocols. Every access point also acts as its own firewall, and blocks access to anything and anyone not permitted on the network.

Further, unlike traditional wireless access points, these vWLAN systems implement their security at the point of access. Rather than allowing an intruder to get their foot in the door while their credentials are verified, they're locked out entirely until the access point itself gets permission to let them in.

These robust access points also can automatically adjust their own RF Channel and power usage to adapt to radio interference, coverage holes, and other external factors which can decrease their range.

In short, Bluesocket eliminates the guesswork when you're looking for the best wireless access points. Their impressive feature set, combined with their unprecedented ease-of-use, makes them the perfect access point for organizations of any size.

Bluesocket Creates Technology You Can UseBluesocket 1920

It's all about making technology work for you – solving problems, rather than creating them. With a vWLAN Bluesocket network, you have a setup that just works. You'll have more time to use and enjoy your network, with a wealth of new opportunities available:

  • Bring your own device! vWLAN allows you to access your network securely from any device you might care to bring, from an iPod to a Blackberry. You and your coworkers can use the technology you're carrying around in your pockets already, rather than having to learn new systems.

  • Integrate your network across remote offices. Give everyone unified phone and networking service at every location, with the same security and access policies everywhere.

  • You can quickly and easily expand your network to cover any place you need access. Outdoor access points are even available, if you'd like to do your work in the sunshine instead.

  • Eliminate power wires with the Power-Over-Ethernet option

Not to mention, the ease of use and expansion will drastically cut down on internal calls to technical support.  It's easy to recover from a long and arduous purchase project when you know that you've just bought yourself plenty of extra time with your WiFi access point order.

The Best Wireless Access Points Work For You

With the ADTRAN Bluesocket system, adding secure high-speed WiFi to your enterprise has never been easier. The days of struggling to understand and implement new -and often contradictory- technologies are just about over. Bluesocket makes adding WiFi access points as easy as plugging in a new USB device.

Why make it more difficult than that?

Topics: Wireless Access Points, Wireless LAN

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