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Proven Ways How You Can Create A Secure Wireless Network

by John Ciarlone on June 21, 2013

secure networksSecure wireless networks, secure devices, and an overall secure office is going to always be top priority for any company. This is especially true with so many ways to intercept data through third party software, applications, and even hardware if there aren't the proper protocols put in place. That means sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so much more can be stolen online and that also means a big PR mess on your hands with hundreds of thousands of very unhappy customers. Instead of dealing with such problems, there are methods that any wireless network should be implemented with in order to be truly safe and protected. Here are some proven ways to secure wireless network without having to pay lots of money or needing to bring down the entire system.

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cisco security asaHow to Create Secure Networks

Encryption of Sensitive Data

Scrambling the source of your information so rogue networks and other third party networks can't access your data is always going to be a first step toward higher and better protection. Sometimes, different "walls" of encryption are required, depending on the type of information being sent and the type of security the business wants in order to deflect wifi network attacks. A healthy and secure wireless network will always have some sort of base encryption, though it's always good to have any extra encryption that is unique to your network or users as well.

Also, don't forget that encryptions need to work both when information is being transferred and when the system is at "rest," or inactive. This will ensure there are absolutely no weak points for any malicious attacks to come through and steal or intercept that data. Every point must be protected, but it is always easier when you constantly update the firmware for a secure wireless network.

Bluesocket Access Points

Much like most of Adtran's products, the Bluesocket Access Points they sell come pre-installed with safety measures such as firewalls implemented right into each access point on the hardware. On top of the firewalls you already have installed with your entire network, Bluesocket Access Points will be able to give you that added edge of security that any company is always seeking out. Not only does it come with built-in firewalls, these access points are also very easy to install into your entire network and require no manual configuration. There are also both indoor and outdoor access points available, all of them installed with firewalls.Adtran Bluesocket

So, when you're investing in access points for your entire wireless system, the very best of both high performance and protecting your network is always going to be the Adtran Bluesocket Access Points. They are relatively inexpensive for any type of business, whether large or small, and are industry leaders when it comes to security. This is even true for other hardware by Adtran, such as their routers and switches. All of them come pre-installed with security measures that are easy to implement and configure without all of that extra frustration usually involved.

Security should never be ignored when it comes to a company's wireless network, especially when very personal and sensitive data is being transferred on a daily basis. Rather than just installing the bare minimum when it comes to security measures, always be ready with the best in your access points, routers, and software so you don't have to worry about losing credibility or money. Wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? 

Contact our team of security experts to design the most secure wireless network for your business. 

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