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What Is The Best Time To Update Your Network Equipment?

by John Ciarlone on May 18, 2013

network upgrade

When it comes to the life span of your network hardware, things can normally keep working for several years into the future. However, technology is becoming such a fast paced and always changing landscape that there are normally new updates and hardware coming out every one to two years. Of course, most businesses can't keep up with all of the latest changes and really don't have to, so when exactly is the best time to update all of that network equipment? Well, there are signs any technology department should be looking for in order to ensure that all of their equipment is in top notch shape.



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How you know it's time for a network upgrade

Slower Connectivity & Data Speeds

One of the first and most prevalent signs of an aging network system is going to be the connectivity speeds and information transfer rates that the hardware can accomplish. Over time the equipment is simply going to get older and can't process all of the data being transferred through, which mostly means staff complaining about slower connections and things generally "not working." This is the best time to update all of your network equipment because a slower office means slower work and potentially missed opportunities.

Outdated & No Longer Manufactured

All manufacturers update and refresh all of their hardware, no matter if it's for consumers or on the commercial level. Should anything need to be replaced on your hardware, are you confident that the part can be easily replaced? If not, then it's time to update that equipment immediately. Obsolete networking equipment that is no longer being manufactured and shipped out is a huge risk for a business, especially if it's the entire network. Don't be stuck with non-functioning hardware and a huge disruption in the work flow when you can just as easily update everything to compatible network equipment.

Faulty, Non-Functioning Pieces

Sometimes, hardware just gives out and becomes faulty. If you're experiencing all sorts of trouble with your networking system, then it is a very clear indicator things need to be fixed and completely replaced so you aren't spending so much money on repairs, replacements, and trying to frequently reconfigure everything. Instead, you can get updated to the newest hardware and only have to do set-up and configuration once, allowing for you to get back to more crucial responsibilities at hand.

Non-Compatible Network Equipmenttelephone system

When you're looking to add new switches and other equipment to your system, are you having a hard time trying to discover parts that are actually compatible with everything? This shouldn't be a commonplace occurrence when it comes to networking, especially when there are countless types of manufactured parts out there that are compatible with practically any make and label of telephone system on the market. Don't be stuck with legacy equipment that isn't working, be able to expand and be flexible with your Business Phone Systems so you can have an efficiently run business.

All it takes is keeping an eye out for these major signs, on top of just generally understanding that hardware can't last a lifetime, unfortunately. Things need to be updated and replaced in order to stay compliant with newer technology, but that doesn't mean you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money every two to three years in order to stay competitive. All it means is making sure that you aren't trapped with legacy equipment that isn't compatible and won't work, which can be an easy enough task with the right monitoring and resources.

Is your network equipment ready for an update?


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