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4 Signs Your Network Needs The Bluesocket 1920 or 1925 Access Point

by John Ciarlone on February 22, 2013

Ibluesocket 1920f you need reliable wireless access points, your best bet is to use the Bluesocket 1920 or the Bluesocket 1925. They both operate via Bluesocket Secure Controller and the ADTRAN virtual wireless LAN. The vWLAN gets rid of the hardware used to control the network. This eliminates the high cost of capital and the limitations put in place by the network's scale. You should use vWLAN because it offers more centralized management and control of  all your company's access points, no matter where they are physically located. The access points are run by the 802.3af single port PoE solution.


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The vWLAN software will help you easily manage your wireless network by scanning for and
analyzing problems in your network. It will help you manage your business through enhanced reporting, environment summaries and maps. All vWLAN software sends all your incoming data traffic to your access point. You will be able to transmit a large amount of information to your access points quickly and efficiently. This will also allow you to quit relying on controller hardware that can become very expensive over time. In the absence of expensive hardware you will reduce the OpEx and CapEx which will result in you saving a significant amount of money. Traffic to your network will increase due to the abilities of the vWLAN software to free up the controller, leaving plenty of time for it to manage thousands of users and AP's.  

bluesocket When it comes to hardware, Bluesocket access points come with a pair of 802.11n radios. Your access points will run efficiently with one port. Bluesocket includes a Gigabit Ethernet port that makes your access points compatible with streams of 2 x 300 Mbps. Your access to your wireless network will be fully supported through MIMO technology that applies to your antennas. 

Because ADTRAN is a leader in the technology field your access points will be able to support whatever wireless technologies you use. They will also support intense applications and growing bandwidth. Video and voice services can also be supported. In addition, you can be sure that if you use this company your information will be very secure. The access points have the ability to support Wireless Protected Access and MAC authentication of local area networks. 

The 1920 access points will give you four options for internal antennas that will provide you with a standard level of coverage. The 1925 access points will give you four connectors you can use to hook up as many as four external antennas specialized for a specific purpose. 

You will find the following advantages to using Bluesocket access points:

  • The wireless intrusion detection system integrated into this product can identity attacks made to your wireless networks.

  • Power and channels can be automatically adjusted to give you the best possible network coverage.

  • It beautifully supports the deployment of both "plug-and-play" and auto discovery.

  • Your firewall will be fully supported to give you the best network security possible.

 If you are in need of high quality enterprise mobility, you need to purchase Bluesocket access points. They will provide you with wireless coverage that can successfully support any large corporation. If you need speed and excellent scalability to improve your client or customer relations, Bluesocket should be your only choice. This amazing product will help your company thrive and prosper quickly.

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